Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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We are now a salt water pool!


The off-season has not been a quiet one at Woodcrest. In addition to regular maintenance duties involved in opening and closing a pool, the Board voted to take the plunge and convert the pool to a salt water system. Why! The reasons can be summed up in 3 words. Cheaper, Nicer, Healthier.


Advantages of salt walter pools include:

  • Salt is significantly cheaper than liquid chlorine
  • Handling of salt is safer and easier than liquid chlorine
  • The converion of salt to chlorine is electronically monitored with and instrument panel that guides the operators
  • Chlorine concentrations in a salt water pool is lower than that in a traditional chlorinated pool
  • The water is less irritating to skin and eyes

We hope you enjoy the new Woodcrest Pool

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