Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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  • The Woodcrest Community Pool is committed to providing a healthy environment for everyone who participates, works, visits, or rents our facilities. We recognize that there is significant evidence demonstrating the negative health impacts of tobacco use and exposure (including second-hand smoke from the use of tobacco indoors and exposure to drifting smoke outdoors) and that no level of tobacco exposure is safe. We also recognize the impact on children and youth with respect to tobacco use when they see role-models, leaders and individuals that they respect using tobacco.


  • We believe that swimming is a healthy activity/sport that promotes physical activity and healthy living. Life guards, swimmers, coaches and volunteers involved in WCP have a responsibility to model positive healthy behaviour with regard to tobacco use.


  • Our property and all activities associated with our pool will be tobacco-free. Tobacco-free means no smoking, snuffing, dipping, or chewing tobacco by participants, life guards, coaches, leaders, parents, spectators, officials, volunteers or any other person on pool property.

    We will promote the tobacco-free policy by:

  • Providing a copy of the policy and explaining it to staff. Staff will explain the policy to parents/caregivers/participants.
  • Reviewing and sharing the policy with organizations/groups that may attend or participate in our activities or use our facility.
  • Including the policy in all orientation and information packages provided to staff, officials, players, members, volunteers and teams/organizations attending or participating in our activities and/or using our facilities.
  • Making the policy visible throughout the year using various channels/opportunities including information on our website, banners/signage at events and encouraging our members to promote a tobacco-free lifestyle.

    We will enforce the tobacco-free policy at all our activities by:

  • Posting signs about our policy on site and have information materials available.
  • Encouraging our staff, volunteers, officials, and members to respectfully remind individuals using tobacco at Woodcrest Community Pool activities about the tobacco-free policy.
  • Delivering a verbal warning by an official representative of the Woodcrest Community Pool including members of the executive, life guards, team coaches or managers. This representative will inform the Executive about the verbal warning including the date, location and name of the individual who was warned.
  • Providing a formal written warning by the Executive to the individual. Following a written warning, the individual violating the policy again may be brought to the Woodcrest Community Pool for disciplinary actions which could include being banned from all Woodcrest Community Pool events.


    This policy will be reviewed by the WCP Executive annually.
    Policy going to Board: May 15th, 2012

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